Classroom Furniture
A chair/desk combination for the technology-saturated, collaborative 21st century classroom.
Furniture Design
Coffee Packaging
A design challenge to revamp Starbucks ground coffee packaging, hosted by Chase Design in Skaneateles, NY.
Package Design
Accessible Sewing Machine
A sewing machine design with a focus on accessibility - easy to set up and fix, with a large workspace and intuitive controls.
Product Design
Mockups & Models
Bringing a concept into the tangible world. 3D sketches, appearance models, and prototypes.
3D Digital Renderings
Designed in SolidWorks, rendered in Photo 360 or Keyshot.
Doodles, concept pages and project ideation.
M&T Bank Mobile App
A simplified flow to get M&T Bank's customers online in a secure, clear and mobile-friendly fashion. A key project during my summer internship as an Experience Designer.
UX/UI Design
Thought at Work 2016
A completely student-run design conference hosted at RIT every October. My responsibilities included logistics, scheduling, badge design and fabrication, and planning the portfolio review.
Event planning
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